Home Guard Perimeter Pest Control

We provide the first line of defense to help keep your home bug-free. We spray the perimeter of your home with a barrier 6 times per year. We spray the entire perimeter of your home. This includes the foundation, landscaping beds, window wells, and other areas where crawling insects can enter your home.

  • Barrier

    Provides a barrier to stop spiders, ants, fleas, crickets, and many other insects from entering your home.

  • No Exterminator Needed

    Greatly reduce or eliminate the need for an exterminator to enter your home.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We will always retreat at no charge.

  • Low Cost Add On

    This is a very economical add on to our lawn care program at only $29.00 per treatment. (up to 3000sf home)

  • Cost Per Treatment

    Stand alone price is $49.00. (up to 3000sf home)

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